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Simply want to relax or have specific areas to work on? Massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology eliminate waste products, release oxytocin, endorphins and serotonin, thereby promoting the feeling of well being.

Sonia Richards BSc(Hons), MSc, CNHC Reg, MCThA, MFHT

Thermo Auricular Therapy (TAT)

There has been much conjecture as to how and when this form of treatment arose. It has been called “Hopi Ear Candles” because it was thought that the process was first used by the Hopi Indian Tribe of North America. This has never been proven but the name has remained associated.

The German company Biosun where one of the first commercial producers of the hollow, herbal lined tubes, termed”candles” and the products are of a high quality and are very safe to use.

Treatment Sessions

An Otoscope may be used to carefully view the middle and inner ear for any obstructions such as impacted wax.

The client will lie comfortably on the therapy couch on one side and the ear will be covered with a tissue that has a hole cut in the middle to allow the candle access to the ear. The therapist will often play calming music and begin with some gentle breathing to allow the heart rate to slow a little so that the client begins to relax.

The candle is inserted carefully and lit to ensure that there is a good seal and that the chimney action will work efficiently.

The therapist will hold the candle securely in place, catching any ash that may begin to drop. the Client will experience a pleasant sensation, they will smell the aroma and hear the gently crackle of the candle. Often clients become so relaxed that they even drift off towards sleep.

Once the candle reached the safety mark which may take about 15 - 20 minutes, the candle is removed and extinguishes in water. The client rests for a few moments then turns to the other side to repeat the process.

After this the session is finished off with by helping to drain some sinus points, and massage the face, neck and head. The overall session will last an hour.


A health questionnaire will be completed prior to any therapy in case the client needs to seek advice or permission from their GP. Certain conditions can contraindicate the treatment such as:


Thermo Auricular Treatment is a Complementary Therapy that may be used in conjunction with conventional medicine, however is not a substitute for traditional medical care by your GP. Should you have a serious health problem, or be aware of any reason why this treatment is contraindicated for you or please consult your GP.

Benefit of TAT

A session of Thermo Auricar Therapy can:

What are contra-actions?

They are reactions to the treatment performed.

What reactions can occur?

The above reactions, if they occur, should not last for more than 24 hours.

If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to ring or call your GP.


  • Always drink plenty of still water to help flush out the toxins that have been liberated due to the treatment and also to remain hydrated
  • Keep relaxed and warm, do not attempt any vigorous exercise
  • Eat a light meal so that the body’s energy stores are not utilised on digestion but on repair and recuperation
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol, caffeine and other stimulants for at least 12 hours post treatment
  • Follow a healthy diet as this helps maintain healthy body and mind
  • Use gentle skin and hair care products to prevent the stripping away of natural oils
  • Having a course or treatments can help build on and continue the benefits of the initial session.