Thought Field Therapy

Changing Thoughts, Changing Feelings

A quick, energetic technique that helps with issues as diverse as phobias, trauma, physical pain and jet lag. Tap into your potential energy and release negative thoughts and feelings rapidly.

Sonia Richards BSc(Hons), MSc, TFT-Alg

Thought Field Therapy

Ever have one of those days where everything seems mixed up or out of sync? Your driving and confuse your left with you right, your words get mixed up you reverse the order or you’re acting a bit clumsy? Ever wondered why this might be and more over what you can do about it?

Have you ever thought that a change has occurred and that a negative emotional state has been set aside and yet it recurs or you find it hard to let go in the first place?

Some very simple techniques that involve tapping of acupressure points to alter your body’s electromagnetic potential can get you back on track. This is known as Thought Field Therapy (TFT).

TFT could be the technique to help with all of this and be a valuable tool in your resource toolbox.

What is it?

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) was derived by psychologist Roger Callahan from knowledge of the body’s energy meridians as seen in acupuncture and kinesiology. He used these techniques to deal with a client who had been stuck in therapy for years with a fear of water, even splashing it on her face when washing. This brief therapy removed this extreme phobia in minutes and left her free to have a normal relationship with water.

For every thought that occurs we get a response. The response can be so quick that it happens even before the thought is over. This response is the “Thought Field”. The brain can confuse the actual Thought Field with the response and if this response is negative such and fear or anxiety, every time we have this thought or similar thoughts, this negative response occurs. This becomes like a catch 22 scenario looping round and around. To change the response we need to create change at the Thought Field Level of the brain.

Sometimes issues such as anxieties, fears, guilt, grief and trauma can be difficult to let go of despite the person wanting to. Sometimes after a therapy session when change appears to occur, something happens to sabotage the relief or change and the person is back to square one.

Back in control

TFT has the amazing ability of allowing that person to get back in control of those emotions that cause the adrenal overload and result in those responses i.e. negative physical or emotional feelings, by dealing with the Thought Field that lead to those feelings.

TFT is also good fun and can be performed seated, standing or walking so that the individual can apply it wherever and whenever they need to. It is a great therapy for children also and can be taught very easily.

TFT in a Therapy Session

This is a technique that I use a lot in Therapy Sessions because the emotional release is often very rapid for people. After asking well formed outcome and solution focused questions and establishing what and where those thoughts and feeling are, it often becomes appropriate to use TFT. I always go through the process myself with the client.

Part of TFT involves tapping pressure points, humming a tune and counting out loud so it can cause much laughter which in itself is a release process for clients, as laughter works at about 5Hz the Theta brainwave frequency. Here the deeper unconscious operates. A large part of our neural programming is unconscious and thus this connection can allow a huge shift to occur in unhelpful patterns that have been running, in some cases for many years.

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